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Residential Pickup

A & S Sanitation is proud to offer residential trash pickup services to all of Union County: Scotch Plains, Fanwood, Westfield, Cranford, and Clark . Our standard service is bi-weekly (either Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday) depending on where you are located.

Trash Truck - Sanitation in Cranford, NJ
Personalized Services
Should our standard service be inconvenient, A & S can provide a service tailored to your individual needs. This includes accommodations for the elderly or disabled, but also extends to other special circumstances (backyard pickup, etc.). Please contact us directly so that we can begin designing a suitable trash service just for you.

Bulk Pickups
Do you have large items to dispose of but not enough to require a dumpster? If you are a current customer, you can schedule a bulk pickup! Click here to learn more.

Estate Cleanup Services
Do you need an extra hand cleaning out your home? We can provide the man power needed to help your next large removal run smoothly with our estate cleanup services. Click here to learn more.
Street Waste - Sanitation in Cranford, NJ

Bulk Pickups

If you are a current residential customer, we will collect large items along with your regular trash pickup. Such items include (but are not limited to):
  • An old sofa
  • Microwave ovens
  • Carpeting
  • Spare wood
  • An old grill
  • Tables
We ask that you contact us within 24 hours before your next scheduled pickup and bring the discussed items to the curb.
Please note:
Our men will not take any items that were not brought to the office's attention. This is to avoid any customer belongings being taken accidentally.
Depending on the size and weight of the item, you may acquire an extra fee. This can be added directly to your regular bill for added convenience.
Estate Cleaning - Sanitation in Cranford, NJ

Estate Cleanup Services

Emptying out an area of your home can be stressful. A & S can offer some assistance to help your next estate cleanup run smoothly. This service is great if you are cleaning out an attic, basement, garage, or even multiple rooms. If you are elderly, disabled, or just in need of extra hands, we are more than happy to help.

We charge an hourly rate per A & S employee and a fee based on the materials removed. Please contact us to discuss the details of your cleanup.