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A & S Sanitation
PO Box 52
Cranford, NJ 07060
Proudly servicing Central NJ
for over 25 years

Our Services

A & S Sanitation is committed to providing a consistently reliable waste management service to our customers, both residential and commercial. We pride ourself on our flexible range of options, so please inquire about a personalized service just for you.
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Choose the service that is right for you:
Commercial Service - Sanitation in Cranford, NJ
A & S offers trash pickup service to a variety of businesses and enterprises throughout Union County, NJ.
Residential Service - Sanitation in Cranford, NJ
If you reside in Union County, you can benefit from our twice weekly trash pickup and additional bulk removal.
Dumpster Rentals - Sanitation in Cranford, NJ
A & S owns dumpsters in various sizes that are available for rent. Whether it is an estate clean-out or a renovation, our containers got you covered.